27 enero 2014

Toy box - Tom and Keri

Tom, Keri and Dog have opened a magic box full of toys. 
Join them on their adventure!

Vocabulary: toy box, toys, stroller, blocks, plane, books, car, train, scooter, soldier, drums, march, cat, dog, bear, girl.

19 enero 2014

Pingu builds its own igloo

Pingu construye un iglú.
Buen vídeo para repasar el vocabulario relativo al invierno: nieve, tríneo, pingüino, gorro, frío, hielo, iglú, etc.

Pingu builds an igloo. Good video to review the vocabulary related to winter: snow, sleigh, penguin, hat, cold, ice, igloo, etc.

Days of the week

What day is today?

5 little snowmen song

Oh no! Sun is melting these friendly snowmen! 

5 little penguins song

Let's countdown from 5 to 0 with these little penguins

 5 Little Penguins waddling around 
 the snow was slippery, and one fell down 
Weeeee .... in the water to play 
leaving 4 little penguins waddling today...